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    Activating employees as brand ambassadors, companies will increase hiring speed and reduce cost.


    Using ADVOCATES will increase awareness of your brand and make your employees SOV leaders.


    More than 3 billion people work without a desk. Whether you are on construction sites, in retail stores, or in your own home

    Social responsability

    Perfect channel to turn brand secrets into content of value to the audience


    57% of a typical B2B purchase decision is made before a customer even communicates with a supplier. This is the reason for the birth of the social sale.

    Crisis management

    Thanks to the speed of reaction you can counteract a crisis in a matter of hours.

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    "Advocates Marketing has provided a megaphone for Visa. It’s helped position us as engaged with our employees and as thought leaders within the industry."

    Lucas Mast
    VP of Corporate Social Media, Visa

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